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ISO 9001:2009 CERTIFIED                     

Alpine Rolling Steel Door, Inc. manufactures high quality overhead door and closure products focusing on Steel rolling door, Rolling fire door , Overhead Door, smoke rated shutter, rolling grille, insulated door, and hurricane protection coiling door for commercial and industrial applications. Alpine is an ISO 9001:2009 Registered Firm, emphisizing our skills on custom design security products to suite virtually any environmental condition, thus providing innovative products and solutions against fire, smoke, wind, thermal, sound, and crime.

Alpine's Engineering Team are of the most knowledgable staff within the Rolling and coiling overhead door industry and are supported by ISO 9001:2009 Quality Control Program to ensure our customers are supplied with high quality materials, design and workmanship available on the market. Our products are designed for use in industrial and commercial facilities, airports, retail stores, hotels, institutions, malls and shopping centers. Also designed for warehouses, Docks, distribution outlets, food concession stands, hospitals, store fronts and oil-rig platforms.

Alpine provides superior products at wholesale prices for the Overhead rolling steel door industry, targeting customers nationally and internationally. So choose Alpine because "We're Always Rolling".


Each Alpine door, no matter the type or need, is engineered to roll down using the latest advanced engineering methods. Our staff of trained professionals are ready to discuss your, overhead Rolling door, industrial, commercial, fire rated, hurricane, roll down storm door, shutter and, Rolling gate, Overhead Door needs.

Whats New:

Alpine Rolling Steel Door, Inc. is proud to announce their association with CONSTRUCTION INTERVENTION, an all-new Discovery Channel series. CONSTRUCTION INTERVENTION follows Charlie Frattini, New York Construction Extraordinaire, and his trusted team of contractors and designers as they find businesses who are in danger of failing due to botched, delayed, or impossible construction jobs and rescue them from their construction woes. Alpine Overhad door, Inc. was involved in the construction process for the S.T.A.R.S. YOUTH CENTER story by providing OVERHEAD DOOR WITH THE "STEEL-VISION" PRODUCT LINE. We also Manufacter Steel Rolling door, Rolling Fire door, Fire shutter, Hurricane door.

CONSTRUCTION INTERVENTION will premiere in April 2010, please visit www.discovery.com for more details

Each Alpine door, no matter the type or need, is engineered to roll down using the latest advanced engineering methods. Our staff of trained professionals are ready to discuss your, Steel Rolling door,  overhead Door, Rolling Fire door, industrial, commercial, fire rated, hurricane, rolling storm door, shutter and, steel gate, needs. Each product of Alpine is constructed with materials that are composed of post-industrial scrap, post-consumer, and pre-consumer scrap to help the environment remain green. Alpine Rolling Steel Door, Inc. is a proud anounce that we are a member the U.S. Green Building Council. Click here to see our LEEDS® (a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council) recycled content letter.


45' x 18' windloaded door
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  • Product Highlights

    Oversize Certificate authorizes our rollup and rolldown steel fire door for the protection of openings in fire rated walls, vertical shafts... Tested & classified by Underwriters Laboratories rated for up to 4 hours of fire protection.

    Our Redi-Storm® High Stress, rolling steel, storm door, is approved Dade County Florida and classified by U. L. to withstand 187 mph hurricane winds... It is designed to withstand pressures of (+/-) 60 psf. See Our, Fire Storm, hurricane coiling door, Rolling Shutter,.

  • New Products

    Fully Assembled and Ready for Installation! Our Split-Frame® coiling shutter, Knock-Down Frame, Counter Shutter. pre-fabricated ready to roll up and down. No costly, time-consuming finishing with sheet rock, masonry or carpentry is needed!

  • Powder Coating

    Our large selection of colors and finishes makes the Alpine powder coated, rolling door, Rolling shutter, rolling grilles, Rolling gate, Fire Doors, Fire Shutters, Rolling Sound Doors, Counter shutters, decorative and functional. View of color chart.

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